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Statement from Chris Cosper

Chris Cosper
Chris Cosper

The Educational Design Institute is a collaboration between educators and designers.

One of our goals is partnering with progressive Mississippi architecture and engineering design firms. Although we understand that education is primarily in the hands of educators, we also believe that good design can aid instruction and poor design can inhibit it. If a child cannot hear the teacher, or is distracted by constantly being hot or cold, that child is at a disadvantage. Conversely, children who attend school in well-designed classrooms - with adequate daylight, good acoustics, and thoughtful storage and pin-up spaces - are more likely to succeed.

We also know that energy costs are straining school district budgets. Energy efficient "green" schools are the future, and we need to engage with this reality now and not saddle school districts with expensive "energy hogs" that waste resources and limited funds. To accomplish this, we need to convince school districts and architects that life-cycle costs are more important than initial construction costs.