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Site Requirements
To properly view this web site you must have Adobe Reader 6.0 or greater installed on your system. The software can be downloaded from Adobe at

Adobe Reader has a built-in search utility. Click on the binocular icon located at the top of the PDF screen. A search box appears on the left side of the screen. Enter in the phase or word for which you wish to search. Then click on "search" to find all instances of the given phase or word.

Local Links - Links in the menu bars and content pages pointing to local site content will open in the framed area of the Current Window.

Standard Links - Links to content outside the site will load over the Current Window. Many of these links will also feature a NW link to open the link in a New Window.

Citation Links - Links to sources cited at the bottom of many of the guidelines will automatically launch in a New Window.

In some cases such as a slow Internet connection, it may be better to download the pdf files to your local computer. To download the files, place your cursor over the file name. Then right click. Select "Save Target As" on the menu that appears. Confirm the location to save the file to and click save.